System solution for Air Property Control

Our Solutions

Enercov provides precision air property control solutions for commercial and industrial markets. Our equipment utilizes advanced fuzzy logic controller technology to reuse waste heat to provide precise control of relative humidity and temperature of any zone without using desiccant wheel or heat pipe. The outcome is decreased energy consumption and operating cost.


Enercov provides specially engineered products that cater to industrial applications to maintain the most precise indoor environment for multiple applications.

Certain manufacturing processes require stringent humidity requirements. Enercov has specialized equipment to deliver air dew point as low as 2.0°C. In the testing phase, manufactured parts are subjected to environmental testing chambers. Enercov enables manufacturers to simulate any environmental condition with different air properties.

During storage of metal components in factories, a low humidity environment will protect manufactured parts from the risk of corrosion. Enercov’s equipments have been deployed for such a purpose.

Archives, Library and Museums

Enercov’s air property control products are used in archives, library and museums to protect artifacts, books, films, tapes, etc.. A precise air property control of temperature, humidity, and ventilation play is important to preserve the integrity of these materials.

Public places such as museums and libraries require a certain amount of fresh air. An “intelligent controller” is required to maintain the humidity and temperature at a precise and constant level. This will ensure that pollutants are minimized, the collections are preserved and no fungal growth.

Bio Laboratory

Bio Laboratory requires 100% fresh air intake. The high air exchange rate introduces unwanted moisture and pollutants into the laboratory. To provide a consistent indoor environment, Enercov’s equipment have been deployed in numerous Bio Laboratories and research facilities. Enercov provides the added advantage of recycling waste heat to save on-going maintenance and energy cost.


Enercov’s products have been used for defense applications to stop corrosion, reduce electronic failure, reduce formation of mold and fungus, and maintain the integrity of stored items such as ammunition, chargers and fuse to ensure optimal shelf-life. With proper humidity control, defense organizations are able to store equipment and items for a minimum of 4 years without maintenance, and have them immediately available and ready in times of mobilization or deployment.


Chemical manufacturing requires a multitude of equipment to ensure quality and consistency. Unwanted moisture due to high humidity levels can create a number of problems for chemical manufacturers and the users of their products. Enercov’s equipment can create the proper environment for manufacturing, packaging, transporting and storing of humidity sensitive products.


Pharmaceutical products are extremely sensitive to heat and humidity. When in contact with moisture in the air, the product may lose its efficacy, quality and shelf life. Enercov’s equipment has been used to provide a stable operating environment for the research, production, and storage of pharmaceutical products.


Enercov’s equipment precisely controls temperature and humidity in hospital environment to provide optimal comfort for doctors, patients. In the Operating Theatre, the surgeon can set temperature and humidity that is appropriate for the required procedure.