System solution for Air Property Control

Our Company

Enercov Pte Ltd is a total System Solution provider for precision air properties control. We focus on bringing energy-efficient based solutions, creating value and generating cost savings for our customers.

Our proprietary technology allows us to control the temperature and relative humidity of a single zone by varying the chilled water flow rate and the air flow rate across the chilled water coil of Air Handling Unit OR changing the variable speed drive of Direct Expansion compressor with Direct Expansion Heat Recovery System and the air flow rate across the Direct Expansion Coil of Air Handling Unit.

We have an extensive track record of satisfied customers. As thought leaders in their respective industries, these companies have adopted Enercov’s solution to bring about precision air control together with a low total cost of ownership.

We believe that our leading edge technology and unflinching commitment to service excellence will enable us to remain the preferred choice for air humidity control solutions today and in the years ahead.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider for your air properties control by designing and bringing energy saving solutions to meet your in-door air properties requirement.

Our Mission

We strive to provide premium products and total solution at low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to our customers to help them precisely control their air requirements and save energy.

Our Philosophy

We constantly strive to innovate and roll out leading edge energy saving technology to all our customers.

Brief History

Enercov started in 1998 with a vision to apply advanced technology developed in the field of computer science into control system for air conditioning application. The vision then was to implement energy saving technology at a system level to control air properties precisely.

The initial technology development was done in collaboration with IMIT, Italy. Commercialization of the technology started in 1998 with an installation in a hospital in Thailand. The technology was subsequently implemented in Delphi Factory, a large manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

Today, the technology has been retrofitted in institutions such as hospitals, semiconductor facilities, vivariums, manufacturing facilities, bio-labs, museums, libraries with savings in energy consistently up to 60%.

Commitment to Energy Savings

As a conscientious global citizen, we are aware of our responsibilities to the environment. Accordingly, the company’s vision is to develop energy efficient technology that brings about precision air properties control without the associated huge energy consumption.

We strive to continuously develop and integrate the best of breed technology into your air conditioning system to ensure low energy consumption and associated running cost.

Our engineers are fully trained to design and tune your existing air conditioning system, helping you to save energy with fast pay-back period on your capital investment.